SUPRAINFINIT Gallery develops a programme that highlights Romanian and international, emerging and mid-career artists. Having recently expanded its curatorial framework with SEQUENCE – a vitrine project and SALTMINE – a temporary exhibition & performance programme underneath the main space, the gallery seeks to engage in a multilayered approach to artistic contexts and contents. After producing several exhibitions in its initial space, and followed by a nomad experience in chaotic and ever fascinating Bucharest, SUPRAINFINIT recently moved in its new and permanent location. SUPRAINFINIT heralds the name of a plural and utopian universe created by artist collective Apparatus 22. The gallery was founded by Suzana Vasilescu in September 2015 and is currently co-directed with independent curator Cristina Vasilescu.


Mantuleasa St, no. 22 | We are open again!

Wednesday — Saturday 12.00 — 18.00 |